Feel the Heavy Metal

  1. Domingo, 17 de julio, 2016 a las 20:24

    A plianesgly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

  2. Martes, 9 de agosto, 2016 a las 13:26

    Mary Foley mentioned “When you don’t forgive,you allow that person to control your life…..”.I just a little agree with her view.Why?Because I think if a person insult me,talk our gossip behind me or make something that would hurt me,I probably can forgive them as time went by.But if something happened that can’t retrieve,I would probably not easy to forgive them.It is a callenge topic for us and we need more time to learn how to forgive others in our whole life.

  3. Sábado, 22 de octubre, 2016 a las 17:38

    … @mandoman2011The Koch Brothers will do ANYTHING to make MORE MONEY !!David and Charles Koch…. How Much Money Do You Really Need ???PLEASE !! If you live in Wisconsin call your state senators and reps to tell them how you feel about a copper mine ruining your water, fishing, and our quality of life… FOREVER. Was this answer helpful?

  4. Lunes, 24 de abril, 2017 a las 20:09

    Men vad driver etablissemanget? Vad är det som gör att politiken vrids sÃ¥ oerhört snett och att sanningar sÃ¥ desperat sopas under mattan? Vilket är det egentliga motivet?Vad har gjort att politikerna drivit det hit? Det är ju inte nÃ¥got som kan ske pÃ¥ ren slump eller pga att lite journalister är vänstervridna… det mÃ¥ste finnas djupare liggande motiv, starkare krafter än sÃ¥.

  5. Bonjour Mr Vidberg, où plutôt « salut Martin » que du bon, comme d’habitude,les vacances vous ont fait du bien j’espère ?Continuez ainsi, vous embellissez mes journées.